3pcsx5g Thermal Pads Conductive Heatsink Plaster Viscous Adhesive Glue For Chip VGA RAM LED IC cooler radiator cooling


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Product Description

Use for electronic,LED,Chip,VGA,RAM,IC,Memory or other heat dissipation part.

Note: it is has strong viscous ability ,can’t removal after it was getting solid. don’t recommand to use it in your CPU and GPU processor.

Condition:100% New
Thermal properties, strong adhesion.
Thermal conductivity: > 0.671W/m-K Thermal
Net Weight: 5g
Strength of connected buildings:1.5map
Active use period: 10 (min)
Shelf life: 12 (months)
Color: White
Thermal conductivity: >0.671W/m.k
Surface curing time: 10MIN/25

1. It has good conductivity and wide service temperature range(-60~200), short term 300 high temperature.
2. The surface curing time is short, the adhesive force is strong, the storage period is long, non-toxic and solvent free.
3. It can be applied safely in elastic adhesion, heat dissipation, insulation and encapsulation in electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, LED, heat sinks and other industries.
4. It is suitable for all kinds of components, LED and heat dissipation devices which need to be bonded directly. It has high strength and fast adhesion effect.

Operation Manual:
1. When it is used, the product is directly extruded, rubbed and glued to the surface of the adhesive, and then covered immediately after the test, so as to be tried again.
2. The surface fixed speed is related to the relative humidity and temperature in the air; the higher the temperature, the faster the curing rate is, the slower the vice versa.
3. Recommended coating thickness: 0.1-0.5mm, the thinner the better.
4. Before use, please clean with solvent (such as alcohol) adhesive surface, detergents should be surface to be clean before painting.


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